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Block Paving

Expertly laid block paving, crafted to your own personalized taste and requirements will instantaneously transform the outside of your home within 7 days.

A favorite from many householders across the city of Glasgow, this driveway installation is aesthetically pleasing to look that, durable, comfortable to walk on, and easy to maintain.

Our team of builders at Driveways Glasgow HQ takes a quick look at why it makes it a great choice for your next home improvement.

  •  Versatile

When it comes to versatility, block paving is on top of the list. A granular bedding course is used to lay down the blocks with each one placed at an angle interlocking with the others to form various patterns such as herringbone, stretcher bond, and basketweave, available in a wide range of colors and styles.

  • Durable

One of the reasons why it is in demand is because of the overall durability and ease of repair, only having to remove a block or two. Whereas other driveway types need to be replaced in its entirety like tarmac when it begins to fade and crack in areas.

  • Low Maintenance

Cleaning a driveway can be an expensive and daunting task but block paving doesn’t require much maintenance. Soap and water can remove most stains and a good weed killer can permanently kill-off all weeds growing and making it look untidy.

How Much Does Block Paving Cost

A professional driveway contractor with a good reputation using quality materials can work out a little more expensive than the average landscaping firm. The size of the area will also determine how much preparation and work will be carried out.

It's worth checking your budget to see whether this is a good option for you. Our average estimated cost is around 5-7k on a 55 sqm driveway.

Be Exceptional For One Thing, Not Average At Many

And that is our sole focus as driveway contractors in Glasgow. We pay close attention to everything from the very start for a smooth, easy working environment and first-class job. We believe the quality of our skilled workers is what makes us number 1 for what we do.

We advertise only occasionally and most of our work is via recommendations after customers have seen the quality and finish of our work.

We can advise you on the best color schemes, patterns, layout and take care of any other issues for example drainage and water run-off. Whether you would like a conventional or modern driveway installation, our team can produce and high class standard class according to your choice.

We are based in Glasgow and offer our services in all parts of the city (north, south, east and west)

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